Supported Mentoring Software

sfG MentorNet is a supported mentoring platform that is used by universities, charities, and businesses across the world.


The platform gives administrators time to focus on the effectiveness and value of their mentoring programme. The highly customisable system provides users with the tools they need to:


  • reduce unnecessary admin time;
  • match suitable mentors with mentees;
  • increase engagement and communication among participants;
  • build and maintain positive mentoring relationships;
  • report effectively on the success of your mentoring programme.


sfG MentorNet is based in the UK, and our customers are supported by our friendly and knowledgeable team.

Client Testimonials

Who is sfG MentorNet mentoring software for?

sfG MentorNet’s mentoring software platform is ideal for the needs of universities, charities and businesses, helping to build connections between mentors and mentees and create an environment for continued learning. 


Find out more about how sfG Mentornet’s purpose-built mentoring software could benefit your organisation below.



Do you need to reduce time spent running your mentoring schemes, as well as a system which will scale with your needs?



Are you looking for ways to effectively train volunteers, and add value to your charity through skill development?



Do you need to provide structure around people development and coaching programmes within your business?

Why choose sfG MentorNet?

sfG MentorNet’s mentoring software reduces time spent on administration, helps to reduce training and development costs, and is a secure all-in-one platform which is easy to implement.


We value our customers and ensure we are always here to support and work with you to ensure your internal mentoring programmes run smoothly.

How does sfG MentorNet’s software work?

Hear how some of our existing customers have used our mentoring platform to manage their internal mentorship programmes and achieve their organisation’s goals around training and development.

Support Team

Our friendly and knowledgable support team is based in the UK. We aim to provide a personal customer service, so you can get the most out of the platform