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Using Technology to Support Your Mentoring Program – watch May’s webinar recording

This webinar, hosted by LINGOs, one of our customers, looked more closely at the key questions we should all be asking when looking at tools that can support our mentoring programs. It also includes a product demonstration of MentorNet.

Helping People Develop Connections for Better Futures with MentorNet

Helping mentors, mentees and administrators to communicate:

  • Publish profiles about themselves
  • Message each other securely
  • Share documents
  • Track activity and expenses
  • Send out communications and surveys
  • And more…



We used to have a paper-based system, with lots of paper, emails and LinkedIn groups, but they were all separate. Now we have MentorNet, everything is in one place and it is so much easier.
Jane King, Senior lecturer Accounting and Finance at Oxford Brookes
As an administrator of a youth charity I would like to congratulate sfG on MentorNet. Feedback from our mentors is excellent. The ease at which it allows me to monitor the development of mentor/mentee relationships is first rate and as a tool that allows for two way communication it is ...
Corrin Henderson, Administrator, Day1
Everyone is attracted by the product. It will clearly save lots of time and paper as well as covering our child protection requirements. It is easily accessible, and we are in fact using our own website as the gateway into MentorNet to avoid volunteers having to remember another website address.
Stephen A Blakey. Director of Mentoring, Operation Youth Advantage
The guys at sfG really understand our needs... they are professional and smart about translating these into the development of our MentorNet package.
Ed Ley Wilson, Administrator, Day1
I really like the ability to contact Mentor peers through MentorNet - it helps you feel connected. This additional support will, I think, prove to be an enhancement to the communicating of our message.
Linzi Ross, Mentor
The ability to send text messages to MentorNet to create an activity record of contact with my mentee is really pretty sophisticated and a very useful way to log meetings.
Sarah MacNaughton, Mentor
Mentors processing their own expenses on MentorNet saves me a huge amount of administrative time and is a genuine cost saving to our organisation....
Corrin Henderson, Administrator, Day1
I really think that your product is the best on the market and we did see 4 others before we made our decision. MentorNet is simple to use and pitched at the right level for the mentoring of university students. All the other ones we looked at were either too ...
Fiona McNamara, Senior Careers Advisor, University of Liverpool


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