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Brunel University

The Brunel Professional Mentoring Programme, which seeks to match 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students with a professional in a sector they aspire to work in or find out more about.

Oxford Brookes University

A persistent challenge within University undergraduate programmes is ensuring students are adequately prepared for their graduate careers.

Kingston University

Kingston University’s Student Enrichment team runs various programmes and mentoring schemes to help enhance the experience and knowledge gained by students at Kingston University.

Cambridge University SU

Meet the students – a shadowing scheme encouraging teenagers to apply to Cambridge University

Day 1

Day 1 runs mentoring programmes to help young people make the right decisions about employment and to encourage disadvantaged individuals to re-think their futures and aspire towards a positive future.


EMCC UK is part of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, which is a membership community working together to maintain, influence, develop and progress high quality standards in coaching, mentoring and supervision across the Globe.

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