Features and Benefits of MentorNet

Mentoring Software Features


Communication and Networking


Reducing Administration Time and Costs
Monitor your Mentoring Relationships

The integrated social networking capabilities make MentorNet an ideal fit for all types of mentoring programmes. It is particularly suitable for eMentoring programmes, where mentoring relationships can be managed over geographically dispersed locations. Features include:

  • Messaging – a familiar and secure messaging area that allows mentors and mentees to have confidential conversations
  • Discussion Forums – a collaborative place for users to exchange information on specific topics, with a ‘featured blogs’ area that highlights key contributors
  • Activity Logs – mentors and mentees can write reports and make notes throughout the mentoring relationship, making it easy for administrators to monitor engagement
  • Automated Alerting – create instant, daily and weekly digests to alert users of new messages, posts, etc
  • Knowledge Base – share and publish resources, documents, articles, websites, etc, so mentors/mentees can  learn from each other
  • Smartphone Support – communicate securely with other mentors and mentees through the smartphone-friendly mobile version

MentorNet allows administrators to focus on the effectiveness and value of the mentoring programme:

  • Easy to Implement – web-based ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS) software needs no installation and can be set up and customised almost instantly
  • Fits your Mentoring Programme – applicable to face-to-face mentoring or eMentoring and flexible pricing options cater for small or large programmes
  • Security – security is highly customisable, allowing administrators to define exactly who has access to what and who is allowed to communicate with whom
  • Confidential – all communication between mentors and mentees is secure so the mentor/mentee relationship remains confidential. The administrator can oversee all aspects of the relationship, so is able to detect inappropriate activity or communication
  • Expenses Management – streamlines the expenses process by allowing mentors to submit expenses online and for administrators to approve them electronically
  • Confidence that it Works – Free 30-day trial available, so you can find out whether it’s suitable before commiting to any cost

Reporting capabilities give the administrator information about the effectiveness of each mentoring relationship, allowing him/her to focus on those that require guidance or intervention

  • Powerful Reporting of Key Metrics – a wide range of reports and metrics that provide visibility into key areas, such as how often mentors and mentees are communicating, how developed a mentoring relationship is, and how this has changed over time
  • Export to Excel – export data for further analysis
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance – the in-built logging and audit trail makes it easy to ensure that guidelines for the Protection of Vulnerable Groups are met and that all contact is tracked confidentially
  • Run Surveys/Evaluations – gain insight into programme effectiveness, by creating and running online surveys. Define different questions and answer types and push surveys out to groups of users, such as all mentors, or all mentees in a specific sub-programme. Evaluate a programme by running surveys at specific points such as at the start, middle and end and track the change in answers throughout

Benefits of MentorNet eMentoring


Mentors and Mentees
  • All communication between mentors and mentees is secure so the mentor/mentee relationship remains confidential
  • Makes it easy for mentors and mentees to keep in contact and collaborate
  • Allows both mentors and mentees to make notes throughout the relationship
  • Mentors/mentees can learn from others by sharing documents and other useful information
  • MentorNet is designed in a modern style, familiar to users of social networking
  • Easy for mentors to track and submit expenses
  • Easy to implement – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, meaning no installation required – just a web browser
  • ‘Try before you Buy’ – free 30-day trial available, so you can find out if it’s suitable before you commit to any cost
  • MentorNet’s security is highly customisable, allowing administrators to define exactly who has access to what
  • Send out important information and announcements to all users
  • Monitor the mentoring relationship and ensure it is developing the way it should
  • It is easy to see which mentors/mentees have not been matched
  • Easy for administrators to review and authorise expenses

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