sfG Mentor Demonstration

sfG MentorNet: What to expect from your free demonstration


You’ve Found Us! Now It Is Time To Get Started With an sfG MentorNet Demonstration.

Your organisation has come to the decision that it is time to find the right mentoring software to help you run the most effective and efficient mentoring programme possible. You have started that long and challenging search for the right solution, and whether it was word of mouth, via social media or just from a simple search on Google, you have got in touch with the team at sfG MentorNet. So, what now?

Well, once you send your enquiry to the friendly sfG MentorNet team, we give you a warm welcome
and invite you to share some more information about your organisation and the mentoring
programme that you’re running.

We find it useful to understand the purpose of your mentoring programme, the number of users and where you are at in your mentoring programme journey. If you let us know what you’re looking for in a mentoring platform, this will help us to give you the right information when it comes to the sfG MentorNet demo.

Normally the best way to understand more about sfG MentorNet is to chat about it online through Zoom or Microsoft Teams, where the sfG MentorNet team can easily screen-share and provide you with a free, no obligation, online demonstration.

After we have given you an overview of the sfG MentorNet program, we like to give you the opportunity to discuss your program needs and answer your questions by showing you the detail in the product.

What Does a Demo Of sfG MentorNet Consist Of?

Once we get all the information about your mentoring programme then we can start to get into the sfG
MentorNet system and show you how you can best use it for your mentoring programme. We like to
break the demo down into four main areas…

You can watch the video below, for a brief explanation on what to expect during your demonstration – or read on, for more information.


Getting users onto the sfG MentorNet mentoring platform and creating profiles:

The first step for all programmes once they are live is to get your mentors and mentees onto the sfG MentorNet platform. There are a few ways that our customers can do this so we like to talk through the
different options and think about what might work for you. Part of getting mentors and mentees on the system is creating user profiles. The sfG MentorNet system is incredibly flexible and customisable, and to begin with – we just like to give you a glimpse of what can be possible!

Match making, simplified, with sfG MentorNet:

Once users are on the sfG MentorNet system and user profiles are created, we will take a look at how the system can help you make the most effective matches. As you are probably aware, one of the most important parts of a mentoring programme is matching your mentors and mentees. This can always be a tough task, but thankfully the sfG MentorNet system can make this task much easier and quicker.

In the demo, we take you through the whole process of matching, from finding your mentees to searching for suitable mentors. There are parts of the process where administrators can jump in and take control, so we can discuss all of this as well.

How mentors and mentees can use the sfG MentorNet online mentoring platform to develop and document their relationships:

Now your mentors and mentees are matched up, it is time for them to start their mentoring relationship. sfG MentorNet provides several features that allow users to easily communicate, log engagement and effectively share knowledge and resources. In the demo session, the sfG MentorNet team will provide you with a quick run-through of the functionality available and you can just let us know if you want to dive a little deeper into any specific features.

Administration and overseeing the programme, using sfG MentorNet:

For most of the people who run a mentoring program, it is massively important that they have full visibility of all the users on the sfG MentorNet system and can quickly see how the program is running.

For administrators, the sfG MentorNet platform provides extremely valuable features that allow programme administrators to find all the important information they need. We are always keen to understand what you, as an administrator need, and in the demo we will show you just how much is possible with our online mentoring platform.


Now You Have Had Your sfG MentorNet Demo, What Are The Next Steps?

We like to keep the mentoring platform demonstration as short as possible so as to not overwhelm you – but believe us, we could talk all day about everything the sfG MentorNet system can do… What is important to us is that we have given you all the right information and answers that can allow you to make the right decision for your organisation about what mentoring software you need.

Now it is time for you to make your decision and how you want to proceed with your mentoring
software journey. sfG MentorNet may be the perfect fit and the best solution for you, but sometimes that is not always the case. Either way, the sfG MentorNet team are always available to chat and answers any mentoring queries you may have!

If you would like a free sfG MentorNet demonstration, you can contact the team to arrange one. We also offer all prospective customers a 30 day free trial!