How Mentoring Software Can Help you Schedule, Notify and Run Meetings for Mentors and Mentees

Video call and calendarEnsuring mentors and mentees can easily meet and share ideas is a key part of any mentoring programme. These may be one-on-one meetings between mentors and mentees or group events you are running as part of a programme. These meetings can improve engagement and participation amongst students in mentoring schemes. Organising, scheduling, and notifying participants of meetings can be very time consuming – and you don’t want people to forget they are happening once all the effort has been made to provide this support.

This is where mentoring software, like sfG MentorNet, can help you with this administrative aspect of your programme, freeing you up to focus on the details of making the meetings or events a success.

Plan and Schedule Calendar Events Easily

Our sfG MentorNet online mentoring system has a powerful calendar feature, which provides a familiar calendar layout and look and feel – very similar to what you may know from using Microsoft Outlook. Appointments can be made by mentors and mentees for each other – or by administrators for group events. Once a meeting has been created, it can be added to your Outlook, Google or other calendar. Participants will receive an email notification from the system to let them know a new calendar event has been created for them.

sfG MentorNet Calendar Schedule

Integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Additionally, if you have a Zoom or Microsoft Teams account, you can create meetings or events which integrate with your Zoom or Teams account and include these connection details automatically – with no need to copy and paste. This means mentors and mentees don’t need to share personal details to connect with one another and thus ensuring safeguarding can be maintained. It also facilitates the running of mentoring scheme related events, as you can create group events for all mentors, all mentees, or for different programs. If you want to run training, or cross-group sharing, you can use these platforms for running webinars and presentations.

sfG MentorNet Calendar Meeting Intergration

One Mentoring System for Engagement and Tracking

The great value of doing this all from within the same mentoring software platform, is that you know where everything is happening, can quickly look and amend any details, see who is attending and follow up with those that aren’t engaging. It enables you to follow up with individuals and keeps everything in one place – reducing duplication or loss of information and saving time in the running of your mentoring programme.

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