Mentoring Millenials

Mentoring Millennials – An Overview 


Millennial’s, the population of people born between the early 1980s and 1990s, will make up the majority of the workforce by 2025 (75%).  

Often misunderstood, and earning the title of the ‘job hopping’ generation – studies state that only 28% of Millennials would stay at their current job beyond 5 years, but is this due to them seeking a different satisfaction from their working environment in comparison to previous generations? 

To understand Millennial’s, we must first consider that they grew up in the technological boom, a time like no other. Advances in technology have naturally left them quick, and eager learners who are often looking to ‘better’ themselves or expand their knowledge.   

93% of millennials find skill development crucial for their career, a further 91% of Millennials consider the potential for career progression as a top priority when choosing a new job and furthermore to this, 53% of Millennials have been disappointed by a lack of personal development training when starting a new job. 

Looking at the statistics, we begin to build a picture of the sort of opportunities and expectations Millennial’s may be looking for in their career. 

According to Indeed, Millennials seek feedback, and opportunities for growth – with all this taken into account, it is clear that Mentoring has the ability to play a large part in the future of business, from the onboarding process, and throughout an individual’s career.  

Below, we take a look at some of the ways you can actively engage with Millennials: 


Provide Guidance and Signposting 

Millennials have grown up acquiring new skills and adjusting to new technologies by watching YouTube tutorials, with a how-to video just a click away at any moment – they are used to learning through trial and error. With fountains of knowledge at their service, there is a risk of Millennial’s looking to poor sources, that lack in quality for the answers to problems.  

Mentoring can provide Millennial’s with sound advice and signposting to reliable and accurate places for information – including podcasts, websites and books. 

sfG MentorNet provides an area for resources just like these to be added, so Mentors and Mentees can gain access to a hub of information in the form of a knowledge library. 


Provide Actionable Steps and Practical, Honest Feedback 

52% of millennials from a Randstad survey agreed that honesty is the most important quality in leadership. This was chosen over vision, patience, and confidence. 

Being honest includes not withholding vital information in the hope that someone might learn themselves – rather, informing them of what they could be doing better, through constructive feedback.  

sfG MentorNet platform provides the opportunity for feedback via evaluation forms that can be tailored for individual mentoring programmes and for mentors and mentees. 


Widen your approach to communication 

Growing up on the cusp of text messaging and instant messaging applications, it might not come as a surprise to hear that Millennial’s are more accustomed to communicating via messaging, or email, than a traditional phone call.  

With sfG MentorNet you can communicate easily via emails, and we even have a mobile phone app to allow for on-the-go messaging and mentoring.  


Be prepared to learn 

Mentoring relationships work both ways and there are numerous advantages to being a Mentor in addition to the ‘good feeling’ that you will get through helping others. 

Studies show that Mentors have an increase in promotions and pay scale –  A 5-year survey by Sun Microsystems on 1,000 employees found that Mentors were 20% more likely to receive a pay rise than those who didn’t participate in mentoring. This could be attributed to mentor self-improvement while mentoring others, and Millennials will have a lot to offer in terms of motivation, attitude and technological know-how, perfect for reverse-mentoring! 


If you are considering a Mentoring programme for your education or workplace setting, whether it be aimed at Millennials or an array of target groups – the team at sfG MentorNet would be happy to discuss your ideas and guide you on how using a platform such as sfG MentorNet can elevate your programme.