Track Progress, Achievements and Shared Goals in Your Mentoring Programme With Mentoring Software

Mentor Mentee activity checklistWe are doing a series of blogs about how mentoring software can help address different challenges in running mentoring programmes for universities, charities and businesses. This week we wanted to look at how activity logs can help support your mentoring schemes.

What are Activity Logs and how can they be used?

Activity logs within the mentoring system provide a shared space for you to track progress and achievements – all in one centralised location within the mentoring software, sfG MentorNet. They can be a great way for mentors and mentees to log any contact or meetings they have – so they make sure not to forget them. This also allows for administrators to be able to know if meetings are taking place and the mentoring programme is running as it should be. Activity logs can also be used for personal development plans, goal tracking and as a journal, which can be immensely helpful for mentors to see how well they have progressed over time.

Setting your Activity Log security

Security can be set up so mentors, mentees and administrators can all see the activity log. Or it can be set up so only certain people can see what has been entered. This provides flexibility in the way you keep it secure, since every mentoring programme is different. This kind of setting can be changed at any time. So, if you think that instead of just mentees seeing their activity logs, that mentors may also find value in seeing these, then we can change that setting almost instantly for you!

Customise how your Activity Logs are displayed

Since all logs are customisable, you can dictate which fields are made available to mentors and mentees from within the mentoring platform. So, any fields you require can be added, removed or edited, making it much more flexible to accommodate your needs. Once an entry is made in the activity log, it will sit against the user’s profile and can be viewed again at any time.

An example of how Activity Logs might work for you…

You may want the mentors and mentees to have an activity tracker type activity log for their relationship. You as the administrators can decide what the activities or goals are in this log within the mentoring platform. Then, as the mentee and mentor progress through their relationship, they can access this activity tracker and check off the goals they have met. This gives good visibility to the mentor, mentee, and administrators of how this relationship has progressed and how the mentoring programme has helped. All of this helps you better evaluate the success of your programmes and amend anything in future to make it even better.

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