Mentoring Software for Universities

Do you need to reduce time spent running your mentoring schemes and need a system to scale with your needs?

sfG MentorNet supports universities such as Kingston University, Brunel University London, Oxford Brookes and more in running their mentoring programmes. With a bespoke platform, and features geared specifically to the education sector, sfG MentorNet’s mentoring software is a tried and tested system.

Our software is designed to integrate seamlessly and innovate university mentoring programmes across the country. With a dedicated and experienced support team, we are able to advise you on all aspects of your mentorship programme, as well as helping you to get the most out of our mentoring platform.

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sfG MentorNet: Key Features


Track activity and run

Monitor how well your scheme is doing and demonstrate the value of mentoring, by collecting mentor and mentee feedback using our survey function.

student security

Keep student information

No personal contact details are visible, so student communications stay secure


Reduce time and costs
of administration

Automate your mentoring process, such as mentor matching, generating reports and more.

How universities use sfG MentorNet Software

Alumni Icon

Alumni and Students

Careers services get in touch with alumni, to find experienced mentors for students.

Peer To Peer Icon

Peer-to-peer Mentoring

Students mentor other students, creating networking opportunities and building skills for life.

Students Icon

Widening Participation

Students mentor school pupils to broaden the pool of potential applicants.

Tutors Icon

Staff Mentoring

Staff are mentored to provide personal development and structured support.

What are the benefits of our university mentoring platform?

Using our university mentoring platform will enable you to automate processes, save time, and improve efficiency within your university’s mentoring programme. Our software can help your organisers, administrators, and participants to:


  • Create online profiles so that mentors and mentees can connect and communicate with each other;


  • Match mentors and mentees quickly and easily;


  • Enable students and mentors to share documents securely;


  • Track, report on, and record meetings between mentors and mentees;


  • Broadcast communications to different groups;


  • Run surveys to quantify the value of your programmes.

sfG MentorNet Testimonials

Case Studies

See how other universities have used sfG MentorNet

Brunel University

The Brunel University London Mentoring Programme, which seeks to match 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students with a professional in a sector they aspire to work in or find out more about.

Oxford Brookes University

A persistent challenge within University undergraduate programmes is ensuring students are adequately prepared for their graduate careers. Find out how our university mentoring platform was able to help.

Kingston University

Kingston University’s Student Enrichment team runs various programmes and mentoring schemes to help enhance the experience and knowledge gained by students at Kingston University.

Cambridge University SU

Meet the students – a shadowing scheme encouraging teenagers to apply to Cambridge University, delivered with the help of our bespoke mentorship software.

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What Does sfG MentorNet Do ?

sfG MentorNet gives administrators time to focus on the effectiveness and value of their mentoring programme, without unnecessary time being spent on admin, mentor-mentee matching, or managing communications between participants.

Our all-in-one platform will give you the ability to deliver a highly impactful, efficient mentoring programme to the benefit of both students and university staff. To learn more about our software and what it can do for you, click below for more information, or make an enquiry for a free demonstration today.

University Mentoring Platform: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mentorship programme in university?

A mentorship programme within a university can come in various forms. These could be peer-to-peer, coaching, widening participation, career mentoring and many others. 


These programmes aim to provide guidance, support, and valuable insights to students, fostering academic and personal development throughout their university journey.

sfG MentorNet supports universities in running their mentoring programmes. Find out more by reading a guest article written by an sfG MentorNet client at Birmingham City University.

What are the benefits of mentoring at university?

Mentoring at university offers various benefits, including academic support, career guidance, skill development, and enhanced networking opportunities. 


It helps students navigate the complexities of university life, gain insights into their chosen fields, and build valuable connections that can positively impact their educational and professional paths.

How do I find a mentor at university?

To find a mentor at a university, explore formal mentorship programmes offered by the institution, attend networking events, join relevant clubs or organisations, and approach faculty members or professionals in your field of interest. 


Establishing clear goals and demonstrating genuine interest in learning from a mentor can facilitate successful mentorship connections.

sfG MentorNet offers a mentoring software that includes the feature of matching up mentors and mentees. Check it out here.

How do I choose an academic mentor?

Choosing an academic mentor involves considering their expertise, availability, and alignment with your academic and career goals. Depending on the approach taken by your university, you can either approach an academic mentor yourself, or one may be assigned to you as part of your course. 


Either way, always make sure you research potential mentors, attend their classes or seminars, and seek recommendations. 


Schedule meetings to discuss expectations and ensure there is a mutual understanding of how the mentorship will contribute to your academic and professional growth.