Ensure your Mentoring scheme is Well-designed with our New Coach Mentoring Ltd Partnership

You may have already put together a mentoring programme and want to improve on it, or you may be considering your first scheme altogether. Either way, drawing on experience from ‘people who have done it before’ can give you the best chances of a well-designed scheme. A powerful combination of both best-practice experience, through consulting, as well as technology that has drawn on experience from multiple programmes, provides you with excellent support for your mentoring scheme.

MentorNet specialises in technology for mentoring schemes and we have used the experience of working with different customers over the years to refine our software to best match the needs of mentoring programmes today. Those could be peer-to-peer, widening participation, charity schemes or more. And to add to that, we are now establishing close links with Coach Mentoring Ltd, who provide a wealth of experience in setting up and running best practice schemes.

Lis Merrick, from Coach Mentoring Ltd, in her article on how to set up a mentoring programme says, “Designing a successful mentoring programme that delivers the results you are looking to achieve can be a difficult process, particularly if the organisational culture is at odds with the philosophy of mentoring or the senior management are paying lip service to the programme’s introduction.” In this article, she discusses her approach of how she looks at any obstacles or challenges, different stakeholders who will be involved, influencing and persuading the right people – and more – and you can read 8 key steps that she mentions in this article: (

We’re really excited about the partnership with Coach Mentoring Ltd and the full solution offering it provides to customers. So we’ve together agreed some discounts:

  • For Coach Mentoring Ltd customers that come to use MentorNet, you’ll get the 1st month’s subscription to MentorNet free
  • And for our existing or new customers that would like to work with Coach Mentoring Ltd, you will receive a 25% discount on important training materials you can use to train your mentors and mentees.


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