What Does Our Mentorship Software Do ?

Welcome to sfG MentorNet, your gateway to the world of mentorship software and platforms. Our mentoring app gives administrators time to focus on the effectiveness and value of their mentoring programme.

Communication and Relationship Building

 Through our software, mentors and mentees can connect, engage in open and

transparent dialogue, and build strong connections that foster mutual learning

and personal development. Discover how our mentoring app empowers

communication and relationship building, and take your virtual mentoring

platform to new heights of success.


Enable Secure Communication

Provide a familiar and secure messaging area, where mentors and mentees can have confidential conversations


Create Discussion Forums

Create a collaborative place for users to exchange information on specific topics, with a ‘featured blogs’ area that highlights key contributors

automated alerting

Send and Receive Alerts

Customisable email notifications that the sfG MentorNet system will send out instantly to alert users of new messages, posts, etc

Monitoring Mentoring Relationships

Monitoring mentoring relationships is a crucial aspect of an effective mentoring

platform. By implementing a system for monitoring and evaluating these

relationships, program administrators can ensure that mentors and mentees are

receiving the support they need and that the program is achieving its goals.


Access Reports

A wide range of reports and metrics provide visibility into key areas, such as how often mentors and mentees communicate, how developed a mentoring relationship is, and how this has changed over time


Run Surveys/Evaluations

Gain insight into programme effectiveness, by running online surveys. Define different questions and answer types and push surveys out to groups of users, such as all mentors, or all mentees in a specific sub-programme. Evaluate a programme by running surveys at specific points such as at the start, middle and end and track the change in answers throughout


Access Activity Logs

Mentors and mentees can write reports and make notes throughout the mentoring relationship so administrators can easily monitor engagement

Administration Tools

Our administration tools are designed to provide a mentoring solution to the management of a virtual mentoring platform. With our powerful mentor computer systems, program administrators can efficiently handle various administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on the quality of mentorship. From participant registration to mentoring tracking and reporting, our administration tools empower administrators to effectively oversee and enhance mentoring platforms. By automating and centralizing these processes, our mentoring tracking system saves time and resources, enabling administrators to create a seamless and successful mentoring experience for all participants.

knowledge icon

Manage Expenses

Streamline the expenses process by allowing mentors to submit expenses online and administrators to approve them electronically


Stay Compliant

The in-built logging and audit trail makes it easy to ensure that guidelines for the Protection of Vulnerable Groups are met and that all contact is tracked confidentially

knowledge icon

Share Knowledge

Share and publish resources, documents, articles, websites, etc, so mentors/mentees can learn from each other

Security and Flexibility

When it comes to mentorship software, two key factors that organizations and individuals prioritize are security and flexibility. These aspects play a crucial role in ensuring a successful and reliable mentoring solution. Let’s explore the importance of security and flexibility in mentoring app.

export to excel

Export To Excel

Export data for further analysis or for others to view, in Excel

smaprtphone icon

Smartphone Messaging

Communicate securely with other mentors and mentees through the smartphone messaging app

cloud software

Keep it Secure

Administrators can define exactly who has access to what and can communicate with whom. All communications are confidential between mentor and mentee

Benefits of Our Mentoring App

For Mentors and Mentees

  • All communication between mentors and mentees is secure so the mentor/mentee relationship remains confidential


  • Makes it easy for mentors and mentees to keep in contact and collaborate


  • Allows both mentors and mentees to make notes throughout the relationship


  • Mentors/mentees can learn from others by sharing documents and other useful information


  • sfG MentorNet is designed in a modern style, familiar to users of social networking


  • Easy for mentors to track and submit expenses

For Administrators

  • Easy to implement – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, meaning no installation required – just a web browser


  • ‘Try before you Buy’ – free 30-day trial available, so you can find out if it’s suitable before you commit to any cost


  • sfG MentorNet’s security is highly customisable, allowing administrators to define exactly who has access to what


  • Send out important information and announcements to all users


  • Monitor the mentoring relationship and ensure it is developing the way it should


  • It is easy to see which mentors/mentees have not been matched


  • Easy for administrators to review and authorise expenses

Our Product Features and Data Sheet

Access and download our product features documents and data sheet to better understand the details of our online mentor software

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Our Support Team

Our friendly and knowledgable support team is based in the UK. We aim to provide a personal customer service, so you that our customers, as well as their mentors and mentees, can get the most out of the platform.

Mentoring Solution : Frequently Asked Questions

What problems does mentoring solve?

Mentoring addresses various challenges, such as lack of guidance, skill gaps, and career uncertainties. It provides solutions by offering personalised support, knowledge transfer, and a structured approach to navigating professional and personal development.

What are the main benefits of mentoring?

The main benefits of mentoring include career advancement, skill development, increased self-confidence, expanded networks, and personalised guidance. Mentoring fosters a positive impact on both personal and professional aspects, contributing to overall growth and success.

What is mentoring management?

Mentoring management involves overseeing and optimising the mentoring process within an organisation. It includes activities such as mentor-mentee pairing, programme coordination, and evaluating the effectiveness of the mentoring initiative to ensure its alignment with organisational goals and objectives.

What are the benefits of a mentor system?

A mentor system provides benefits such as knowledge transfer, skill enhancement, and career guidance. It fosters a supportive environment where experienced individuals share insights with less experienced counterparts, contributing to professional development and the overall success of individuals and the organisation.

What are mentoring platforms?

Mentoring platforms are digital tools or software designed to facilitate and streamline the mentoring process. These platforms connect mentors and mentees, provide communication tools, and often offer features for tracking progress and assessing the impact of mentoring programmes within an organisation.

sfG MentorNet offers a comprehensive mentoring platform, including tips, tools, and techniques for effective mentoring, as well as information on where and how to find a mentor or mentee.