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What is an online mentoring platform?

Mentoring software, or a mentoring platform such as our very own sfG MentorNet, are designed to make it easier for companies to run mentoring programmes, by streamlining and simplifying processes.

In this week’s blog, we will take a look at what we mean by mentoring software, mentoring platforms, and who these may benefit. We’ll also explore what features you might want to look for when deciding which one is right for you. Just as with any mentoring programme, each software or platform out there is unique!

At sfG MentorNet, we are always happy to provide demonstrations of our online mentoring platform to potential customers, so lets get into what exactly we mean by a mentoring platform.


What is mentoring software, or a mentoring platform?

In its most basic form – a mentoring platform such as sfG MentorNet, provides a space for mentors and mentees to connect and engage in mentorship activities. In addition to the connection and communication aspects, features within the platform can allow tracking of mentor-mentee relationships, such as activity logs, and evaluations.

Our sfG MentorNet platform can be accessed via any desktop device by mentees, mentors and programme administrators, who are managing or taking part in a specific mentoring programme.

A mentoring platform gives administrators time to focus on the effectiveness and value of their mentoring programme, due to the time saving aspects. In terms of sfG MentorNet, – our highly customisable system provides users the tools to reduce administration, create meaningful matches, increase engagement and communication, monitor relationships, and easily report on the success of the mentoring programme.

With sfG MentorNet, users access their mentoring platform via a unique URL, just like visiting any other website. Users, upon invite or signup, create their own login – using a unique username and password.


Who benefits from mentoring software, or a mentoring platform?

Initially, the sfG MentorNet platform was designed in collaboration with DAY 1 charity, who were looking for a way to manage their own mentoring programme. After discussions with the team on how this may look, sfG MentorNet was born.

Charity and third sector organisations continue to make up a good number of our customers, as well as businesses and universities, who also provide mentoring programmes. Despite being based in the Highlands of Scotland, our customers these days come to us from all around the world.

The majority of our customers are within the education industry, but the truth is, our platform can benefit anyone who is running a mentoring programme and would like to save time, while becoming more efficient.


Is it worth investing in a mentoring platform or software?

Of course, we may come across as a little biased – but we can wholeheartedly say that in short, the answer to this is yes.

Depending on your mentoring programme and industry, there may be a variety of reasons why investing in a mentoring platform is worthwhile. Take third sector organisations for example, who may need to prove or show worth when it comes to their mentoring programme – for future funding. With a platform such as sfG MentorNet, you can clearly demonstrate areas such as engagement and evaluations, all in the one place.

On the sfG MentorNet website, we have gathered several case studies from charities who we have worked with over the years, which take a deep dive into how the sfG online mentoring platform has benefited them.

No matter your sector, an online mentoring platform such as sfG MentorNet can save administrators time – and money, by streamlining processes from the very beginning – such as user upload and matchmaking, all the way through to expenses management and final evaluations and feedback.

With features such as the ability to email groups of people at one time, and create notifications – communication is easy, as well as secure thanks to safeguarding options.


Online Mentoring Platforms: In Summary

As we mentioned at the start of this blog, a mentoring platform is there to facilitate your mentoring programme – this could be face to face programmes, remote programmes, or a mixed hybrid approach.

If you are struggling to manage your programme due to the time it requires, or if you’re having to work over multiple spreadsheets or documentation to keep up with programme process – now might be a good time to start looking into the options out there.

Intrigued by sfG MentorNet and want to learn more? Reach out to our friendly support team today.