Reducing Time and Costs for Charity Mentoring Programmes

Record meetings and run surveys to demonstrate value
Keep information and communications secure
Reduce time spent administering your programme

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Mentoring Software for Charities

Do you need to reduce the time spent running your mentoring schemes and need to demonstrate their value?

MentorNet supports charities such as Day1 in running their mentoring programmes. And they are confident their data is secure:

  • Have an infrastructure to support your face-to-face programmes
  • Enable mentors to submit reports after each session
  • Ensure mentors and mentees have profiles and can communicate securely
  • Ensure your safeguarding obligations are met
  • Run surveys to quantify the value of your programmes
  • Enable mentors and mentees to share documents securely
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Corrin Henderson, Administrator. Day1

Mentors processing their own expenses on MentorNet saves me a huge amount of administrative time and is a genuine cost saving to our organisation…