Easing the Administration of Student Mentoring Programmes

Track activity and run surveys
Keep student information secure
Reduce time and costs of administration

Mentoring Software for Universities

Do you need to reduce time spent running your mentoring schemes and need a system to scale with your needs?

Jane King, Senior lecturer Accounting and Finance at Oxford Brookes

We used to have a paper-based system, with lots of paper, emails and LinkedIn groups, but they were all separate. Now we have MentorNet, everything is in one place and it is so much easier.

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MentorNet supports universities such as the University of Liverpool, Oxford Brookes and more in running their mentoring programmes. It reduces the time and cost of doing so:

  • Ensure mentors and mentees have profiles and can communicate with each other
  • Enable students and mentors to share documents securely
  • Track, report and record meetings between mentors and mentees
  • Send out communications to keep things moving
  • Run surveys to quantify the value of your programmes
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Some examples of how universities use MentorNet

  • Alumni and students: Careers services ask university alumni to mentor students
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring: Students mentor other students
  • Widening participation: Students mentor school pupils to broaden the pool of potential applicants
  • Staff Mentoring: Staff are mentored to provide personal development and structured support
Fiona McNamara, Senior Careers Adviser, University of Liverpool

I really think that your product is the best on the market and we did see 4 others before we made our decision. MentorNet is simple to use and pitched at the right level for the mentoring of university students. All the other ones we looked at were either too corporate, too complicated or too childish.