Why sfG MentorNet

Designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind, allowing individuals to seamlessly connect with experienced mentors who can guide them on their career journey.

Embraced by numerous visionary organisations, fostering trust and collaboration.

We work with a diverse range of forward-thinking organisations, including universities, charities, and businesses across various industries. Our clients share a common vision of investing in their employees’ professional growth and understand the power of mentorship in unlocking potential.

Benefits of using sfG MentorNet

Easy to implement

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, meaning no installation required – just a web browser

Try before you buy

Free 30-day trial available, so you can find out if it’s suitable before you commit to any cost

Mentornet Security


sfG MentorNet’s security is highly customisable, allowing administrators to define exactly who has access to what


You have one view for overall visibility of your programmes

Knowledgeable team

We have many years of experience working with different types of mentoring schemes and bring that knowledge to help support your implementation


We don’t just give you the software and leave you to it. We support you from initial concept, to your continuing use of sfG MentorNet and input into future product enhancements


Reduce Administration Time and Costs

Send out important information and announcements to all users. Monitor the mentoring relationship and ensure it is developing the way it should. See which mentors/mentees have not been matched. Review and authorise expenses quickly and easily

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Improve Mentor/Mentee Relationships

Be confident the mentor/mentee relationship remains confidential, as all communication between mentors and mentees is secure. Make it easy for mentors and mentees to keep in contact and collaborate. Allow both mentors and mentees to make notes throughout the relationship. Enable mentors and mentees to learn from others by sharing documents and other useful information. Simplify the process for mentors to track and submit expenses

It’s best to hear it from our customers, who work with us and use the software on a daily basis. We have videos, case studies and quotes that will help you in your decision

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Do you need to reduce time spent running your mentoring schemes and need a system to scale with your needs?



Do you need to reduce the time spent running your mentoring schemes and need to demonstrate their value?



Do you need to provide structure around people development and coaching programmes?

We are here to support you and help make your mentoring programmes a success

Mentor Portal: Frequently Asked Questions

How does online mentoring work?

Online mentoring operates through digital platforms, connecting mentors and mentees virtually. Communication can occur via forums and private messaging, allowing for flexible interactions.


Resources and progress tracking may also be facilitated through online tools such as sfG MentorNet for a comprehensive mentoring experience.


You can arrange a demo to know how sfG MentorNet’s mentoring software works.

How do I connect with my mentor?

Connecting with your mentor involves clear communication and mutual agreement. Establish expectations, discuss goals, and maintain open lines of communication. 


A proactive approach and genuine interest in the mentoring relationship contribute to successful connections.

What does mentoring do for me?

Mentoring provides personalised guidance, support, and knowledge transfer to enhance your professional and personal development. It fosters skill growth, boosts confidence, expands networks, and aids in navigating challenges. 


Overall, mentoring contributes to your success by leveraging the experience and insights of a trusted advisor.

How much does it cost to implement a mentorship programme?

When it comes to sfG MentorNet, the cost is dependent mainly on number of users you have participating in your mentoring programme. It is a regular (monthly or annual) payment with no upfront fees – all setup, customisation and ongoing support is included within the cost. We tend to find that most organisations we work with are funded differently, so we always try to make our pricing model matches the funding model, if possible.