New Mobile Messaging App for sfG MentorNet!

We are delighted to announce that we have a new mobile messaging app for our sfG MentorNet customers!

Many people are used to messaging on their phone these days, so we were keen to develop an app to help them do so as part of their mentoring scheme. As such, we have a new mobile messaging app which is available to mentors and mentees using sfG MentorNet. Here are the things the mobile app will allow mentors and mentees to do…


As most people use common messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, we were keen to provide our sfG MentorNet customers with a messaging app that is familiar, easy to use and secure – while still allowing administrators to have appropriate oversight of the contcts between mentors and mentees.

We see the sfG MentorNet app primarily as a ‘messaging app’ that ensures mentors and mentees have an efficient way to communicate with one another.

Edit or Update User Profile

Users who have access to the sfG MentorNet mobile app can now easily make changes to their User Profile, including their profile picture.

We saw this as an important feature as it allows users to quickly update their public and private information quickly via their mobile phones. This is especially useful when updating their profile picture.

Taking a new picture then uploading it to a computer can be a painful process. This way users have a simple way of updating their picture with a few simple clicks!

Read News Items

sfG MentorNet allows administrators to post news articles to update their mentors and mentees on what is going on. We have also added this feature to the sfG MentorNet app!

We have found that some mentoring programme administrators find it difficult to communicate with large portions of their users, so having a news section allows for greater communication across the programme.

Located on the homepage of the app, the news feed is live, easily accessible and always up to date with the latest articles being shared by administrators.

Do you want to try out the sfG MentorNet app now?

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