sfG MentorNet at AGCAS Annual Conference 2021

sfG MentorNet were delighted to be a supporter of the AGCAS 2021 conference this summer. It was of course, as everything has been, a conference with a difference. Due to COVID, it was held virtually using an online event solution. The advantage meant they had over 1100 university delegates signed up for the conference. And no one had to travel anywhere, which was easier, but also beneficial for the environment and departmental budgets. There were some fantastic keynote presentations, which we enjoyed and covered some important topics. There was also a lot of interaction during presentations – at the booth, where we had a stand – and in the general conference chat and networking. And as usual, it was nice to see how universities were supporting each other with advice on different topics and queries. We also had the opportunity to do a presentation at the event and we invited along an excellent speaker to help us out – Bertie Ross, from Brunel University London. As the conference theme was about how people coped in universities during the Covid pandemic, Bertie’s presentation was entitled, From Paper to Portal – as they use sfG MentorNet and it helps them continue to run mentoring schemes despite the face-to-face restrictions. If you missed Bertie’s presentation, where he talks about the impact of sfG MentorNet in supporting their mentoring schemes, you can click here to see it. We hope those of you that attended found the conference valuable. We had a good number of visitors to our booth, showing an interest and a need for an online mentoring solution in many universities today. If you missed having a chat, please feel free to get in touch now. We are always here to talk – not just at AGCAS!