Mentee and Mentor together

National Mentoring Day, 2022


National Mentoring Day takes place each year on the 27th October, and we recommend anyone who is currently involved, has been involved, or would like to be involved in mentoring, to take part in spreading awareness about mentoring.

This can include sharing messaging regarding why mentoring plays such a crucial role in personal and workplace or educational development as well as the benefits that can be found in participation.


National Mentoring Day – Where It All Began:

In 2014, Chelsey Baker, an award-winning business mentor decided to launch and host the inaugural National Mentoring Day as a way to provide and encourage recognition to mentoring and celebrate the act, in all its capacities. Key messaging today, in 2022, remains aimed at raising awareness of the rewarding contribution that mentoring makes – and highlighting the resulting positive impacts that mentoring has, on our societies and economy.

National Mentoring Day founders encourage discussions, events and a flurry of social media activities which will facilitate visions across the mentoring industry, and this day also provides the perfect opportunity to recognise and pay homage to mentors or mentees who have perhaps shaped you into who you are, today. A mentor may come in less formal figures for some, such as a close family friend or a primary school teacher. For others, it may be someone they met while taking part in more structured mentoring programmes.


Mentoring – Our Thoughts:

At sfG MentorNet, we know from our work over the last several years, be it creating and developing our online mentoring platform or from working closely with our sfG MentorNet customers – that the benefits of mentoring are endless. You can read all about the history of mentoring, or the basics of mentoring in our previous blogs.

Being mentored is one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities you can experience. Having the guidance, encouragement and support of a trusted and experienced mentor can provide a mentee with a broad range of personal and professional benefits. Some examples of benefits to the mentee include exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking, the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, as well as the opportunity to meet new and valuable connections via a mentor’s network.

Mentors benefit significantly too, including from the recognition gained by being a subject leader, and their exposure to new perspectives and ideas from their mentee.


National Mentoring Day, at sfG MentorNet:

We look forward to sharing some social media posts on the 27th October that continue to highlight further benefits regarding mentoring, you can look out for these on our social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Below, we have noted down a few ideas of how you can mark, or celebrate, National Mentoring Day:

Say Thank You –

If a name popped up when you read the above blog regarding mentoring, now is the perfect time to reach out and say thank you. The official National Mentoring Day website has a number of free ‘Thank You’ templates you can use, or take inspiration from.

Look into Mentoring opportunities –

If you understand the benefits of mentoring and feel as though you have the expertise and the personal qualities required to make a great mentor – such as the ability to be a great listener, why not look into local or online mentoring opportunities?  Check with local third-sector organisations, businesses or schools for inspiration.

Plan, or attend, a mentoring event –

If you are already a mentor or taking part in a mentoring programme, why not plan an event to highlight this? Or, look our for other events taking place that you could attend.

Share/Spread mentoring news –

Finally, you can share mentoring-related updates and benefits across your online social media network on October 27th, or any day of the year! Keep an eye out for content using the #NationalMentoringDay hashtag and perhaps reshare it with your audience to help spread the positive impacts of mentoring.


Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for more information on becoming involved in National Mentoring Day, you can visit the official website for a further list of free resources such as social media assets, and a list of facts and figures surrounding mentoring.

If you are looking for a platform from which you can navigate and streamline the management of your mentoring programme, you can reach out to the sfG MentorNet team for a free demonstration of our sfG MentorNet platform, or request a free 30-day trial.